The 6th International Children Comics Artist Awards

2017 ICCA

The main contest of ICCA is led by children whose works are carefully selected from all around the world!

The main contest will open at Korea Manhwa Museum and Bucheon city for three days during the Bucheon International Comics Festival.
Don't miss this golden opportunity to hold exchanges with children around the world through comics!

The 6th International Children Comics artist Awards (ICCA)
Children in grades 4-6(or ages 10-12) of elementary school in domestic and abroad
- Preliminary contest (March 13~ May 31): Accepting free and creative comics (no designated topic) through on- and off-line. Experts will screen selectees for the main contest.
- Main Contest (July 21~July 23): Selectees from the preliminary contest will be invited to Korea Manhwa camp (3 days & 2 nights). They can enjoy various experiences - professional cartoonists' special lectures, webtoon classes, cultural exchange activities, main contest, awards, etc.
Place of Main Contest
Korea Manhwa Museum, Bucheon City
Korea Manhwa Contents Agency
Organizing Committee of the Bucheon International Comics Festival
Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Bucheon City